Blocked Toilet London

One of the most important features of any house is its bathroom. Bathrooms are the most frequently visited places in your house and you should make sure that they are neat and clean all the time. A clogged bathroom can cause you severe headaches and is highly unsanitary. Thus if you ever face the issues of blocked toilets in London, then have no worries. We have got you covered on all fronts with our services. Hire us and we will provide you the ultimate answer to your plumbing issues.

Why should you choose our services?

We provide quality assistance and guidance in these areas. Our services make sure that our customers do not suffer from these issues. We use high-quality services and we boast a team of skilled professionals for this task. Moreover, our services are solutions oriented and we make sure that we provide our customers with quality remedies. Thus hiring us will prove to be a viable and feasible option for you for blocked toilet London.

The main reasons why you are having blockage issues!!!!

blocked toiletSomething fishy is down the drain!!!

Toilets are designed to dispose of a certain range of materials. If you try to dispose of something other than that, then it might be dangerous for your overall drainage system. These systems are designed in such a manner that they can dissolve water quickly. People often think that they can do whatever they want to do but that is not the case. Not everything is flushable and they need to understand this. If you start washing cotton swabs, Q-tips, cotton balls, wet wipes, or dental floss down your drains then they can cause serious drainage issues. Therefore you should always be careful in the dealings of these things. After all this care if you still encounter these situations then you should hire our quality services.


We make sure that we find the root cause of the problem and then we will be able to rectify the situation accordingly.

The blockage of the toilet trap

 The toilet trap is a segment that is used for the holding of standing water. Another function of this trap is that it keeps the sewer gases which are extremely toxic at a distance. The washing down of non-flushable materials can cause clogging issues. This clogging can cause serious issues to your drainage and sewer pipelines. You can either DIY and use plungers. Plungers are highly effective as they do provide solutions to these issues. Moreover, toilet paper, paper towels can also clog the drains. Thus make sure to carefully deal with these things.

If you still are encountering these issues then you should call our professional services. We are quick on our feet and efficient in our work.

blocked toilet London

If your vent is having blockage issues:

In modern times, and modern toilets, roof vents are used primarily so that fresh air can be funneled. The other task of these roof vents is that they prevent pressure vacuums. This can cause hindrance of the drain flow. That is why a blocked toilet vent can become the major cause of regular clogging of your toilets. It is difficult to spot these types of blockages on your own and that is why we advise you to hire us for such tasks.


The usage and installation of ancient drainage systems:

The early installation methods lack the use of necessary pressure for the clearance of the internal trap. This causes them to develop clogs. If your toilet is not up-to-date then you may have to be very careful in these matters. You should use the toilet paper and other things more carefully so that they do not clog the drains. Or if you think that you can replace it, then you should install a more updated version of these drains. The modern toilets are designed in such a manner that they use a variety of low-flow designs. Thus they are more efficient in their drainage systems.

Thus if you require services for blocked toilets in London, make sure you hire Pipe and Drain cleaners.