Blocked Sink London

Sinks are the most used places in a kitchen. The most common issue that people face on a domestic scale is blocked sinks. How would you know that you are facing a sink blockage?

A classic example is one when there is a foul smell coming from your sink. Another symptom is that water is draining slowly or it is not draining at all. Therefore if you ever encounter these issues of blocked sinks in London, we are here for your services. We will make sure that things are being dealt with properly and you no longer have to face these problems anymore.

When will you know if your sinks are blocked???

Most of the time people do not know that the issues of blocked sinks and bathrooms are highly identical. The major difference between a blocked sink and a blocked bathroom is that in the case of blocked sinks there is an issue of food scraps and waste. The major culprits are:

  1. Food crumbs
  2. Fat
  3. Oil
  4. Grease

blocked sink London

These substances when they get accumulated can cause serious blockage issues. The prolonged exposure to these items will double fold the issues of drainage.

Another major causative agent of drainage blockage is hair. Hairs tend to get accumulated in the drains and can cause major issues of water flowing. Last but not the least, dishwashers are also the leading cause of these issues. Most of the time there is a direct connection between these pipes. If you are washing your dishes in the sink then it can lead to food waste accumulation in these pipes. This is also among the many reasons for you facing blocked sink London.


The common remedies with which you can reverse the whole blocked drains process.

See for yourself

If you are encountering this issue then start the rectification of the problem with the help of visual inspection. Make sure you have done proper invigilation of your sink. If the water is slowly draining then yes you are right to inspect a blocked sink.

Safety comes first

Before you start the application of several treatments you should make sure that you are safe. Because wastewater is extremely toxic and dangerous for yourself. Make sure that you are using personal protective equipment and other stuff to keep yourself away from all the contaminants. Grab a bucket and a bowl to capture any unnecessary splash or water.

blocked sink

Use plungers

The major instrument that people commonly use when they are facing the consequences of blocked sinks is plungers. They are easily available and highly cost-effective. You can buy them from anyplace and it is readily available. While using plungers you also have to use dishcloths or tea towels so that you can manage any splash accordingly.

After the successful use of the plunger make sure you remove the plugs. This will clear the plugholes of your sink. This activity will also ensure that you have to get rid of large chunks of food that may get accumulated in the sink basin. After all, these successful removals are sure to cover the plugholes. Wrap it with a tea towel and make the whole thing airtight.

Once you are done with the sinkhole, use the plunger effectively. The up and down motion of the plunger will help you big time. Make sure you check the flow of water. Plungers are effective in the whole scenario of drain blockage, but they can become useless if your drain is facing serious issues.

Get professional help

If you have done everything in your power but you are still unable to rectify the problem, then you are in need of our professional services. We provide our customers with fast-paced services so that they do not have to wait for a long period of time. Moreover, we are highly cost-effective in our services. We have been in the business for many years. Thus we are able to provide our customers with the best!!!

Therefore if you need services for blocked sinks in London, then hire pipe and drains cleaners.